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When I found out I was traveling to San Francisco for my sister's wedding, I immediately started planning which jewelry friends + places I would try and visit. It was a super short trip, so I knew we were going to have to pack it in! Side note: I don't know how I lucked out with a man who's willing to be dragged around to look at gems -- he's a real trooper (here's hoping he stays so willing forever!).

You know that person you follow on Instagram/stalk their site or blog so obsessively you feel like you know them? Well that's how I felt about
Metier, who was first on my list of places to check out. I had admired their pieces and general taste for so long, in my head we were already super tight! Certain pieces (this, THIS, and about a zillion others) stuck in my mind as members of what I call the "holy grail" category, and I knew I had to meet the masters behind such a beautiful selection in person.

We arrived in San Francisco, dropped our bags at our hotel and immediately walked to Hayes Valley, one of the most charming neighborhoods in SF, and what Sheri and Trina, Metier's co-owners, referred to as "The Nolita of San Francisco." Metier is tucked in on Laguna Street, just off of Hayes, the gorgeous main drag lined with cute shops, great restaurants and beautiful coral trees (New Yorker note: Hayes Valley is much, much prettier than Nolita -- just saying). 

SF Selfie! Can you tell how out of breath we were? Those hills are seriously major.

Hayes Valley: The Main Drag

I must say, working in a store for 5 years has left me somewhat turned off from shopping. It often feels uncomfortable being on the other side of the counter, and I revert to a childlike place of "what if I break something?!" or "am I annoying the shopgirls trying so many rings?", so I was slightly nervous to actually go to a space I had admired from afar for so long.

Luckily, Sheri and Trina made us feel immediately at home. Their tiny jewel box is just 200 square feet, but when you step inside it may as well be a castle! The midnight-blue walls feel super lux and immediately pull you in -- it's one of those spaces where everything is beautiful, from the abstract wall mural to the display cases to, of course, the inventory.  

A snapshot of the interior - how cool is their dutch door?! (via Metier Blog)

Gold leaf mural backdrop to their amazing collection of vintage jewelry (via Metier Insta)

A little bit of background: Metier began 20 years ago as a larger shop that carried cult-favorite clothing lines such as Acne and A.P.C., in addition to a range of accessories. Over the years their business evolved, moved, and finally settled in their current location, with a tightly curated selection of vintage, antique and contemporary jewelry mixed in with a few it-girl accessories from artists like Ryan Roche and Shawn Burke. Their cases house truly incredible things, all artfully arranged, and their photography is top-notch, which for me just pushes them a head above the rest. 

But seriously, how amazing is their photography? (Via Metier Facebook)

A target ring, moss agate and rubies? You had me at hello! (Via Metier Facebook)

I immediately got to work trying on as many pieces as I could at a time! Their selection of Victorian and Georgian jewelry is stellar, and all are extremely reasonably priced. They also carry some amazing contemporary lines, like mixed-metal bands I'm totally obsessed with by Variance Objects, and Arielle de Pinto, whose cool, innovative pieces have been on my wishlist for ages.  

These Georgian Silver + Rosecut Diamond trilogy ring and stacker would make the perfect wedding set.

They're also pretty as part of this phenomenal Georgian Diamond + Turquoise Stack, and paired with a Victorian Opal + Diamond Flower Ring; All available on their site.

A really cool little Victorian star-set diamond + enamel Gypsy ring and a Victorian bloodstone that fills all your statement ring dreams. 

The Enamel Gypsy Ring had the coolest graphic side detail - almost like the face of a bird!

I totally cheated on my engagement ring with this insane Edwardian Platinum, 14k + Diamond Cluster Ring - the central Old Mine Cut measures a full carat and is BONKERS beautiful.

In addition to rings, their collection of Victorian + Georgian lockets and pendants is seriously on point.

Those Georgian Pinchbeck + Enamel Floral earrings were calling my NAME! 

A pretty vignette displaying some of the other accessories they carry - available here.

I ended up taking home two special pieces. The first is hugely sentimental, an Art Deco hand-engraved platinum + 14k ring Josh bought for me as a wedding band. He felt strongly I wear a band in platinum to match the engagement ring he gave me, and he loves all things Deco. When we saw this one, we both agreed it was the perfect match that would also serve as a romantic memento from a special part of our trip. 

My future wedding band, pictured on the bottom.

The second purchase is also special, as it's one I bought for myself! I ended up completely falling in love with and bringing home that incredible Victorian men's bloodstone ring. I had never seen one with such an interesting pattern to the stone (it almost looks like camouflage) and I LOVED the heftiness and detail of the beautiful setting. The stone is also faceted into a beautiful, soft curve that mimics the finger, which is unusual and ultimately what sealed the deal for me. 

My new bloodstone ring.

One very interesting part of being a jewelry collector is realizing how your taste evolves with time and experience. I have always loved soft stones (coral, turquoise, and the harder but still earthy agates + onyx), but I never realized how much until recently. More than ever I find myself drawn to their beautiful colors, bold presence and the interesting cuts and carvings they often have. Not only do they appeal to my style, which definitely tends more towards the edgy than the feminine, they are also often set in men's rings, which is a bonus as well (my friends know I love a big ring!). As stones, they speak to me as treasures from the earth whose beauty is beheld in a different way than that of diamonds and their other, sparklier gemstone cousins. I hope someday to sport hands full of giant, earthy statement rings, whether Victorian or Modernist (#futurejewelrygoals).

All in all, we had an incredible time visiting the ladies at Metier, and I'm so glad I picked it as the one jewelry store we had the chance to actually see! I highly recommend checking them out - in person if you can, or from afar through insta + their beautiful site. Everything about Sheri, Trina and their work is totally right up my alley, which made it easy to choose a ring from their collection I'll use to mark one of the most important moments of my life. It's impossible not to fall in love with them and their "deeply personal" collection, even the hashtag they've adopted to describe themselves -- #keepersoftheold -- is compelling. My only regret is that I left without taking a photograph of the four of us as a souvenir (though I did get a little #showmeyourrings action ;).

#Showmeyourrings: All personal collection or available at Metier. Fun fact: Trina's amazing antique Native American sterling ring (right) was passed down through generations in her husband's family!


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