Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Custom Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

I recently had the pleasure of designing an engagement ring for one of my oldest and closest friends. I felt both honored and excited when her boyfriend messaged me saying "It's time for the ring!"

Designing an engagement ring without the knowledge of the bride is always somewhat of a gamble - and one that carries even more weight when the recipient is someone you know! As someone who picked out my own ring, I always prefer to have the input of the bride-to-be. Simply put, she has to wear the ring forever, so it's a lot less stressful when you know you are making something she will love! That being said, I always respect the wishes of the groom-to-be if he prefers to maintain the element of surprise, and after years of doing this, I now refer to myself as the world's best secret keeper. I even made my own sister's ring without spilling the beans to anyone in our family (that was a tough one, but her boyfriend swore me to secrecy, and thankfully, we pulled it off). I have now decided I am going to ask every yet-to-be-married gal I know about their idea of a dream ring and keep a book of their preferences juuuuuust in case.

Luckily in this case, my friend HAD discussed rings she loved with her mom, who I immediately called for a pow-wow. Pro tip: Tell your man/best friend/mom/someone what your dream ring would be. It makes the whole process much easier. Don't be shy! You'll end up with something you love rather than something you have to suffer wearing or even worse, broach the subject of changing. I knew she was drawn to pavé and that halos were a bonus. However I wanted to make something more unusual than a traditional ring, because my friend is an artist (we met in college, where we studied photography together), and I wanted her to have something timeless, but with a creative and unique twist. The next day after her boyfriend got in touch I was scrolling through my feed and came across this beautiful Art Deco ring via Erstwhile Jewelry. This is one of the things I love about the jewelry instagram community - I feel so inspired by the people I follow!  

Art Deco Sapphire + Emerald Ring via Erstwhile Jewelry
The first thing I thought of as I admired the ring was "Emily would love that." Adam and I agreed it was a great ring, but perhaps color wasn't the way to go for a surefire, longterm win. We both loved the shape though, so off I went on the hunt for the perfect hexagonal diamond to work with. I contacted my friend Jay, whose company, Perpetuum Jewels, specializes in antique + post-consumer diamonds. Post-consumer means the diamond must meet strict standards of having been worn, so it's truly recycled. He always has the best inventory and often has many unusual finds to choose from, so I knew he would be the perfect person to help me source the right stone. He did not disappoint, and we chose a beautiful step-cut hexagonal diamond (K/VS). The stone had the most beautiful clarity, with rosecut-like facets underneath. Every angle you looked at yielded a different prismatic explosion, the facets were so beautiful. 

A closeup of the hexa we chose (image via Perpetuum Jewels).

To accentuate the diamond's unusual shape, I designed a pavé halo setting with a delicate shank and low profile for maximum wearability. I loved the faceting on this particular stone, so I made sure to have each of the knife-edge prongs aligned to the points of the table. Whenever I make engagement rings I always make a point to practice the proposal moment on bended knee to my husband, Josh, to make sure there's enough of a "wow" factor to garner a yes. He promptly told me this was one of his favorite rings I had ever made, so I felt comfortable sending it off for my best and oldest friend. 

Louison Fine Bespoke Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
Louison Fine Bespoke Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring - Side View
I waited anxiously for the big moment to arrive and finally got the text I'd been hoping for. He pulled off an epic proposal while on a trip to Iceland, asking her in front of a beautiful, snowy vista. I feel so grateful that the ring I made played a small part in their story, and couldn't be happier for them as a couple.

Moments after the big moment! On a mountain in Iceland.
Holding baby Rafaela with her ring front and center.
If you're in search of the perfect custom engagement ring or piece, have family stones to reset or just a beloved piece in need of a refresher, get in touch! You can learn more about our custom work and process, here.



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